The purpose for which the club exists is to promote interest in wakeboarding, and provide a program such that members and their families can enjoy the recreational benefits of wakeboarding, and the association of other people with the same interest.

Who we are

Wakeboarding has been recognized as the fastest growing water sport in the world and is one of the biggest sports-related phenomena of the past decade. Millions of people around the globe are participating in this fast-moving sport. With well over 4 million people living in Houston, TX, the Gulf Coast Wakeboard Association was formed to bring the wakeboarding community in our region together.

The GWCA was created by a group of Houston area wakeboarders trying to spread their love of the sport and to enhance everyone's wakeboarding experience. The GCWA is a sport and social organization operating in the greater Houston and surrounding Gulf Coast regions. The club's goals are aimed at being a flexible club and inclusive to all riders regardless of sex, age and riding ability. The founders decided that the mission of the club would be to help unite the Houston wakeboarding community through various events, meetings and functions with the ultimate goal of everyone having fun. The club functions year round with most warm weather months being water related. In the winter months, the club organizes various events to keep the members in contact by going to sporting events, trade shows, entertainment complexes and vacations together. The club encourages participation for both young and old, beginner and expert and male and female riders to share a common passion.

We are comprised of unique individuals with different temperaments, talents and convictions sharing a common passion of wakeboarding as an ideal.


The GCWA is currently free to join. Our members are not obligated to participate in every meeting and event that is held, however, it is encouraged to attend at least half to maintain good standing status. It is not required to own a boat to be a member. Our members are of all skill levels and experience. We are of a non-competitive format, with our overall goal being fun. We try to hold our meetings in a central location in Houston so that no one area is forced to travel long distances. Our events are held all across the region as well as right here in Houston.

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2010 GCWA Board Members

Rich Surguy - President
Bethy Jones - Secretary
Kyle Peipelman - Treasurer
Kristy Surguy - Sponsorship Chair
Scott Kana - Event Coordinator

Directors at large
Kevin Deubner
Fred White
Chynna Alexander
Jason Henrichs